GVM C-Level Advisory Services
to increase sales, earnings and company value

Today, medium-sized companies have to assert themselves against the large, international corporations on an equal footing. There is a lack of time and expertise to be able to compete at C-level in terms of marketing and sales or to handle corporate finance transactions professionally.
Global Value Management's C-Level Advisory concept makes it possible to catch up with blue-chip corporations.
GVM’s “on-demand” C-level consulting, sales, marketing, PR/IR and corporate finance services can be accessed without being tied to fixed costs. Payment is made as required - including up to 30 years of industry know-how and a C-level network of around 10,000 decision-makers.

Success through Experience

Examples from the career of the GVM team:


Executive-MBA, Dipl. Inform.
Dr. Bernhard Schmid

Dr. Bernhard Schmid has been an entrepreneur and manager at ICT / high-tech and consulting companies for over 25 years. After studying computer science and an Executive MBA degree (each 'summa cum laude'), he did his Doctorate of Business Administration on corporate finance regarding German medium-sized companies.

The team around GVM founder Dr. Bernhard Schmid is complemented by experienced experts in the GVM core competencies.


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