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GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

Former Accenture-Executives offer with arctic.ten a second-to-none solution which covers all aspects of the CIO/CDO agenda. Arctic.ten enables a unique 360 degree management perspective on: business value, cost, capacity management, technology and supply. In the ‘run IT’ mode features like benchmarking, scenario analysis and time machine offer faster and better decision making. Other vendors cover only parts of the relevant requirements. Therefore, according to Acquaim better results could be achieved within a few days which could be achieved with conventional consulting approaches within several months and with high cost involved.

GVM-Services   Sales Services, PR-Services

Agamus Consult Unternehmensberatung
Successful international deployment consulting

Agamus has successfully realised 600 project in Europe, Americas as well as Africa regarding 'Operational Excellence'. Once a year the 'most lean' automotive plants in up to 12 European countries are selected and awarded together with the decision maker magazine 'AUTOMOBIL PRODUCTION'.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

ARCADIA – an entrepreneurial Investor for SMEs
As one of the few entrepreneurial private equity investors Arcadia follows an entrepreneurial approach. As entrepreneurial investor Arcadia takes over majority stakes in renown SME companies. GVM supports Arcadia in searching for suitables candidates.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

Belingoo - up-to 50% higher learning performance
The key to the learning language performance lies in belingoo’s second-to-none context sensitive learning concept of 'by-the-way' learning. Depending on the skill level technical terms or middle / highly difficult words are ‘annotated’: This means that for these and only for these words, translations are provided.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

Bside Me – Where stars shine brighter!
Bside Me is the new venture of one of the most successful Serial-Entrepreneurs and prior soccer professional Gerald Asamoa:
Bside Me offers VIPs not only the possibility, to coordinate their own social media activities ‚on a fingertip‘ (e. g. the mobile phone), but also the chance to earn money out of advertising revenues.

GVM-Services   RKW-Coaching as regards Sales, Marketing and PR

Comprehensive Portfolio as regards Information Management
Nearly 100 employees at four locations in Germany and Austria work for Blue-Chip customers like BMW, DaimlerChrysler, EADS, MTU or Siemens. Cognitas offers a One-Stop-Supply comprising even Business Process Outsourcing in the area of Manual Distribution.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing and M&A); Member of the Advisory Board

Crossgate AG (since 2011: SAP AG)
Market leading as regards B2B transactions

With billions of B2B transactions carried out per year, Crossgate is leading in the area of the electronic processing (like e. g. invoices, material ordering). After the invest of the Family Office of Dietmar Hopp family and the acquisition of a top-3 competitor Crossgate had been taken over by SAP AG to 100% in the year 2011.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance
(Growth Financing)

Durion - Energy as a Service (EaaS) – Revolutionary Combination of  'Renewable Energy and Energy Storage‘
With a revolutionary approach Durion combines battery based energy storage with renewable energies and energy services in a mega-market with ist single to non combination. Battery power plants for 'Regelleistung', compensatory energy as regards wind and solar power plants up to power supply units for SMEs.

GVM-Services   C-Level Sales & Marketing Services

Galileo Tools – Technology Leader for SAP Change and Transport Solutions
Galileo enables SAP customers with its Conigma™ Suite to reduce significantly their costs in terms of development and operations. Siemens and the Züricher Kantonalbank are amongst Galileo reference customers in Europe and Asia.

GVM-Service   Corporate Finance

HEDGE21 - „Industrie 4.0 for the CFO!“
With HEDGE21, CFOs / Asset Managers are for the first time able to optimize currency risks and hence cash flows in the tens of millions of euros with state of the art AI / data analytics methods: The smart HEDGE21 service has increased revenue margins by up to 3% and 5% -7% liquidity increase in capital flows from import and export achieved equally. At the same time, HEDGE21 has already proven its efficiency in 13 companies and for just under EUR 1 billion in capital flows. Since 1.1.2019, HEDGE21 has been offered as a service of the DFSA-regulated asset manager Alcazar Capital in the Dubai International Finance Center. Alcazar will extend the service to international companies in Asia and the Middle East.

GVM-Services   Cooperation with Media Networking in socio-political environment

IIR Deutschland GmbH (now: Euroforum)
Worldwide leading congress vendor

IIR is the worldwide leading vendor pf congresses, fairs and seminars and carries out events throughout 70 countries. The „Leaders in Europe“ Event planned for December 2005 in Munich builds one of the highlights, including well-know personalities like Mikhail Gorbachev, William J. Clinton, Dr. Helmut Kohl, Donald Trump, Lou Gerstner or Robert Kaplan.(s. Leaders in Europe Flyer)

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)
  • indatex F+I AG
    Leading vendor of B2B transactions in the insurance sector

    With customers like AXA, Gothaer or VHV indatex F+I is market leader regarding the electronification of business processes between broker and insurance companies.
GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Management-Buy-Out)

Management-Buy-out of international IT-company
In the verge of a change of ownership GVM supports the management during the Buy-out phase.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Management-Buy-Out)

Carve-out option at IT provider
GVM supports the management in the carve-out efforts of the non-European activities of an international IT provider.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (MBO: Coaching as regards negotiation, business planning, financing options)

IT-Consulting-Vendor with a focus on automation
As the founders of the company want to retire it is planned that the management team acquires the company. By means of an IHK coaching (Chamber of Commerce) GVM supports to facilitate the transaction.

GVM-Services   RKW-Coaching as regards Sales & Marketing


Since 1989 MaibornWolff offers high-level IT-benefits in a one-stop-shop mode: Renown Blue-Chips from sectors like Travel & Transport or Retail trust in the high quality of beck et al. Amongst year-long references are customers like AGIP (ENI), Bayerischer Rundfunk, CC-Bank, Infineon, KarstadtQuelle, Siemens or Thomas Cook.

GVM-Services   Sales-Services
Corporate Finance

Masterpayment the ‚All-in-one‘ Online / Mobile-Payment Provider
After his successful trade-sales of Crossgate to SAP Stefan Tittel now revolutionises the Online / Mobile-Payment Sector: Cost leadership with the most sophisticated features! For example Masterpayment is the first European vendor to provide mobile phone card reader functionality as regard mobile payment solutions.
Until the end of the year 2013 19 European countries should be addressed.

GVM-Services   C-Level Sales & Marketing Services

Metasonic – Process. In Tune.
Metasonic revolutionises with its 'Game Changing Approach' (Detecon) subject-oriented Business Process Management (S-BPM) traditional BPM methods. Ready-to-run IT business applications can be derived directly and without a manual interference from the Business Model - with only 5 symbols!

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

mic – Unique seed technology investor in Germany
As one of the few investors in Germany mic AG supports technology companies already in the idea generation phase and offers besides capital Management know-how. The result: A sustainable track record.

GVM-Services   Business Training for Top-Partner

Biggest software vendor worldwide.
GVM is active for the German organisation in Central Europe.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)

MSAmbition - leading career portal
According to current studies the lack of (IT-) professionals is one of the biggest task of corporations: With more than 17.000 registered candidates of Microsoft high-end specialists and more than 1,000 Microsoft Partners, MSAmbition is the market leader in the most important IT market in Germany, in order to solve this problems.
The growth financing should fuel the European growth strategy.

GVM-Services   Strategy definition and deployment

Innovative Software-Solution based on year-long Project Experiencee
Innovative products in the area of digital shift book and auditing were generated based on 12 years of experience in consulting, training and development.
New Solutions customers include for example Degussa, OMV or Paulaner.

GVM-Services   Sales Services, Marketing & PR Services

NIMBAS Graduate School of Management (now: TIAS School for Business and Society)
Leading international Business School

Since 1987 MBA-students from 43 countries of 6 continents attended the Nimbas MBA- Bzw. Doctorate-Programmes – for example Manager from AT&T, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, KPMG, Lufthansa, 3M, Nike or Siemens. „Financial Times“ ranked NIMBAS as being No. 4 as regards „Value for Money“; „The Economist“ regards NIMBAS to be one of the three leading institutes in Germany.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

Fully automated Smart Data & AI cockpits
In contrast to classic AI providers, OLT offers the "best of four worlds": AI + machine learning + physical analytics + simulations = data-driven innovations with added value in the multi-million range for companies, municipalities and countries. The decisive USP is that OLT works according to the white box principle (physical analytics) - OLT's international data science team includes 100% PhDs in astrophysicists. This model-based approach means maximum transparency: the results can be explained and can therefore be used for management or political decisions. Blue chip corporations have already implemented up to twelve large projects each with OLT for example regarding anomaly detection (for IoT, I4.0, infrastructure networks), data-driven forecasting (e.g. retail sales) and simulation-based optimization.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)

PhytoEnergy - Erneuerbare Energie
PhytoEnergy is a global organization with expertise in renewable energy projects development and management. PhytoEnergy, as a system integrator, integrates our global partners' capability and know how to deliver the most reliable and cost effective solution, with state of the art technologies and communities development needs and awareness programs. The core feature of the company currently is the Agrarian Model which allows co-growth of food and energy crop under crop rotation aspects.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)

Pyrum - Transformation of waste into real petrochemical oil
Pyrum operates in One of the most attractive growth markets in the world: Pyrum is able to recycle used tires, Bitumen, EPDM (e. g. rubber seals), PE/PET (e. g. one-way bottles), Polystyrene (e. g. styrofoam) and Plexiglas and transform it to real petrochemical oil at a price advantage of more than 50%.
The innovative recycling plant operates energy autonomous and has an a double-digit higher efficiency as no waste is generated. Within a pilot plant the principle was tested effectively based on more than 2,500 operating hours.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)

PiMON operates in the Multi Billion Market 'Pipelines': estimated Investment of 144 bn US-$ (2009-2013)
With the development and marketing of glass fibre based monitoring technology PiMON operates in one of the most attractive markets worldwide with its unique noninvasive technology: Besides the detection of leakages and theft of oil & gas (whole network has a expansion of approx. 2 Mio. km) and water pipelines there are other areas, for example, lined with renewable energies (e. g. in Smart Grids up to 20% more efficient usage of existing electric supply network) as well as the observation of buildings and borders. As regards Arabic countries PiMON estimates that up to 30% of crude oil is used for water treatment – up to 40% of the water trickle out of leakages in the pipelines. Even in Central Europ a loss of 30-40% is not uncommon.

GVM Services   Corporate Finance, Alliance Management

B2B- / B2C-Conference and Congress Vendor
In order to gain a leading market position in the German speaking market, GVM supported MB Premium Events (now: Management Circle) at the acquisition of a significant growth financing. The focus of MB Premium Events lies on B2B- and B2C-conferences and congresses in attractive sectors like energy, finance, health care or real estate.

GVM Services   Growth Strategy

After successful trade sales of three former companies to Family Office of the family of SAP-Founder Dietmar Hopp, to Software AG / Commerzbank and to Nasdaq-listed Net1 Group GVM supports serial entrepreneur Stefan Tittel with his 4. venture: According to Quantumrock, Quantumrock is a science-driven software technology company focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning in algorithmic trading.

GVM Services   Corporate Finance

quofox - First German 'One Stop Shop' Education / Learning Platform
quofox covers all mega trends of learning as regards individuals and organisations and transfers this via an open platform into a business model which comprises all players in the market favourably. The basis builds a 30 year long experience of the founder as serial entrepreneur, who implements the trend „from E-Learning towards Learning Solution“ (Bitkom) successfully as first blue chip customers show: quofox integrates all offers of vendors (on-site, online coaching, E-Learning, micro learning) as a means of 'Google of Knowledge' - within a win-win-model for both sides.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Management-Buy-out)

Growth Financing at a leading Premium Brand
GVW supports a leading premium brand in acquiring growth capital for the international expansion.

GVM-Services   Sales Services, Marketing & PR Services

Rosemann & Lauridsen (now: Content Technologies)
Full-Service agency as regards technical documentation

Services offered comprise all relevant activities ranging from authoring, Content- and Document-Management, Single-Source-Publishing to system integration and process design.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Management-Buy-Out)

Management Buy-out at a leading Services Company
In the verge of a spin-off from a diversified concern GVM supports the Management during the Buy-out phase.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

SBM – Premium magazine for German ‚Bundesliga‘
With its ‚Bayern Journal‘ SBM realises a high-end magazine with at least 100 pages of news, background information and stories in the area of sports, business, culture and history. With the support of GVM further premium magazines should follow in the Bundesliga- or sports sector.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Management-Buy-In)

Management Buy-In at leading vendor in the media sector
In the verge of a successor regulation GVM supports the new Managing Director Dr. Martin Hainfellner in this transaction. Customers of Signum in the business lines Broadcast and Motion-Systems are ARD and ZDF or ADAC, TÜV and OEMs like VW, Daimler and BMW.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

SONIC – leading edge eLearning-solution
With Instant Learning Server SONIC has developed a brand new video-based 'on demand' eLearning concept with a ‚full-context‘ search within training videos. The basis builds the 20 year long experience of the founder of owner of the German franchise headquarter of New Horizons, the market leader for Microsoft trainings with more than 200.000 participants at 18 on-site training centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Search for Seed-financing)

Seed-Financing in the TIMES-Industry
The aim of an experienced entrepreneur team (media sector) is to set-up a complete new platform in the TIMES convergence industry successfully.
By means of an IHK coaching (Chamber of Commerce) GVM supports searching for seed capital.

GVM-Services   Consulting regarding Sales, Marketing and PR

International Supplier
With over 200 employees worldwide the company ranks amongst the leading electro suppliers in transportation industry. Blue-chip corporations from Europe, America and Australia are amongst reference customers.

GVM-Services   Strategy / Positioning, Key-Accounting, Marketing Services, PR Services

Valtech GmbH
IT-Consulting at Blue-Chip-Clients

Since 1993 Valtech has realised over 1,000 clients at Blue-Chip-Clients. Approx. 1,100 employees in 8 countries support corporations during planning and implementation of One-stop-IT-solutions. Via Valtech’s DuoShore-concept Valtech offers distributed soft­ware development services with global sourcing.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)

ViMP – User Generated Content a la „YouTube“ with additional Community Features
The Web 2.0 specialist ViMP offers a portal, with which one can –similar to YouTube- publish picture and video content. The competitive edge is that communities (companies, associations) can download the software and “customize” it. Especially in the B2B sector (like CorporateTV) ViMP has several USPs as several Blue Chip customers show.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance

WHEB Group - Pioneer of Cleantech-Funds
WHEB Group‘ development started at 1995 with as award winning incubator for environmental friendly technologies and consulting company as regards corporate financing before the company started to manage Private Equity funds. In the year 2005 WHEB Group initiated the first broad range cleantech funds.

GVM-Services   Corporate Finance (Growth Financing)

„On-demand“ Information Management for Manager on Web 2.0 - Basis
With I-CEE XT AG combines the functionality of Management-Information- as well as Business-Intelligence-Systems with Portals to an unique „easy-to-use“ solution. Amongst customers are Gema, Hausbank München or Hama.

GVM-Services   Consulting regarding Sales, Marketing and PR

No. 2 worldwide in supplier market
In Germany the market share comprises 40%. Besides the main site in Germany the company operates in Eastern Europe and has established a Joint-Venture in the NAFTA-Area. Reference customers include several leading industrial concerns.