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Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur have lots of ideas, initiative and courage. What is often lacking is access to capital and business networks, to reach the goals quicker and cost efficient, as this is based on an often yearlong history as a manager or entrepreneur.

By means of coaching it is possible for founders to benefit from these networks. In many cases the bulk of the fee is covered by state based funding.

GVM’s on demand coaching offering:

  • Support the process of applying for founder funding (founders, MBI / MBO Candidates)
  • Support as regards acquisition of corporate funding (seed and growth financing)
  • Coaching as regards strategy definition, business planning as well as marketing, sales and organisation concept


Examples from the career of the GVM team:

  • Various transactions as regards setting-up companies: Management Buy-out, Management Buy-In as well as seed and growth financing
  • Successful coaching of various consulting and high tech companies


The services can be delivered according to the following options:

  • Coaching according to funding guidelines
    after acknowledgement of funding by regulators
  • Coaching in general
    based on a day based rate
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