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C-Level Sales Contact Network

How should decision makers decide which supplier to choose for a new project?

Sales material is interchangeable, i. e. seldom unique. What really counts are personal references and trusted networks, as it is since the history of mankind.

The experts of GVM can rely on partly more than 25 years of direct access to decision makers at target customers as well as vendors.

  • Making appointments with decision makers at target customers
  • Preparation of strategic alliances
  • Set-up of indirect sales channels


Examples from the career of the GVM team:

  • Various successful major projects at decision maker level
  • Joint-Sales activities (Tele-Sales, Exec-Event) with funding trough renown vendors


The services can be delivered according to the following options:

  • Sales Based Option
    Commission on sales + monthly retainer
  • Appointment Based Option
    Fee per customer appointment / target customer qualification + monthly retainer
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