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PR All Inclusive Package

“You have to weigh PR work!” This well known phrase expresses how important continuity is - besides quality.

Continuous success is the consequence of year long trust. To build up such a trust is nearly impossible having the day-to-day operations in mind.

GVM PR-experts have a trusted relationship to opinion leaders:

  • Press releases which are of real interest for decision makers
  • Special events: Press conferences, Joint-PR with customers and suppliers etc.
  • Special issues like crisis management PR


Examples from the career of the GVM team:

  • More than 500 press references
  • Several high-level-events under the inclusion of renown personalities


The services can be delivered according to the following options:

  • All inclusive at a fixed price
    Monthly retainer, which contains a certain amount of PR activities
  • All inclusive individual
    according to a person day based fee
I am interested in GVM PR All Inclusive Package:

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