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M & A Screening

The consolidation process in many industries is irreversible. This means to evaluate alternative options on time, before others are doing it.

With an acquisition of a right size and fit at the right time, sustainable corporate goals can be reached much quicker and more effective.

The M&A-experts of GVM know the market, know who will fit to whom – and who wants to fit to whom. A valid preparation is the basis of success:

  • Screening of Buy- / Sell-Candidates
  • Search and selection of suitable Management-Buy-in / Buy-out candidates
  • Initiation of transactions


Examples from the career of the GVM team:

  • Screening of more than 200 M&A candidates
  • more than 25 successful M&A transactions
  • Partly 100% profit on re-sale after restructuring


The services can be delivered according to the following options:

  • Transaction Based Option
    Commission on transaction funding + retainer
  • Fixed Priced Option
    Screening + support of the transaction at a fixed price
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