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In order to become a renowned quality supplier, companies have to invest in marketing a great deal.

Too much for medium sized companies unless there is a cost split, having the same success.

The GVM-experts have year long experience in Joint-Marketing which pays off:

  • Establishing virtual marketing cooperations
  • Joint-Ventures to enhance profitability without sacrificing autonomy
  • Joint-Marketing activities with suppliers and customers – with financial benefits for both sides


Examples from the career of the GVM team:

  • Establishing a virtual sales- and marketing-cooperation including 8 companies
  • Joint-Marketing activities with vendors (while getting access to respective funding)


The services can be delivered according to the following options:

  • Continuous support
    Monthly retainer, which ensures continuous support
  • Activity Based Option
    Fixed price fee per activity
I am interested in GVM Joint Marketing Services:

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